Many people have wrinkles, sunspots, or other skin imperfections that make them look older and less vibrant than they really are. In the past, people had to accept these changes as a natural part of the aging process. But those days are over. Today, people can rejuvenate and refresh their skin with TriBella: a three-in-one facial treatment offered by the talented professionals at Refresh Evolution in Pitt Meadows, BC. This fantastic facial therapy can give you smooth, youthful-looking skin.

What Is TriBella Treatment?

TriBella is an innovative three-in-one facial therapy that helps people reduce the signs of sun damage and aging. This facial treatment uses a device by Venus Versa to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

This FDA-approved device has three unique applicators. These applicators work together to make your skin look smoother, more vibrant, and healthier. This facial therapy is easy and non-invasive, allowing people to achieve youthful-looking skin in three treatment sessions.

Why Am I Experiencing Wrinkles and Skin Challenges?

If you’re experiencing wrinkles, age spots, and skin issues, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s common for people to experience skin challenges, especially as they become older. A variety of factors can cause people’s skin to change as they age.

The Aging Process

Many people’s skin loses strength and elasticity as they become older. This change occurs partially because of lessened elastin and collagen.

Elastin and collagen are proteins that help your skin remain smooth and strong. As people enter their late twenties and early thirties, their bodies naturally make less of these proteins, making their skin look older.

Sun Damage

Time in the sun can also change a person’s skin. This is because repeated exposure to the sun is damaging. The sun sends out harmful ultraviolet light that negatively impacts the skin.

This light can cause people to experience redness and sunburn. As this sun exposure accumulates, it can also cause people to develop dark spots and wrinkles. These damaging effects can make people look much older than they really are.

Other Causes

Age and sun exposure aren’t the only causes of skin damage. Lifestyle choices can also negatively impact your skin. In particular, smoking and stress can harm a person’s skin.

A New Solution

Skin changes don’t have to be permanent. You can reverse the negative effects of sun damage and age with TriBella. In fact, this treatment is specifically designed to help people who are struggling with wrinkles, sun damage, and other skin issues.

How Is This Treatment Different From Other Facial Therapies?

TriBella offers a variety of improvements when compared to typical facial therapies. Many facial treatments can only target a single skin condition at one time. For instance, facial therapy may smooth a person’s wrinkles without improving their rosacea or age spots.

This means that people who wish to address a variety of skin challenges may have to schedule many treatments with multiple skincare providers. This process can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming.

A Better Way

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through dozens of different facial therapies to transform your skin and improve your overall look. That’s because this innovative three-in-one facial therapy can target multiple skin issues at once. This makes this treatment a wonderful option for busy people who want to use a quick, effective method to enhance their skin in a variety of different ways.

Who Should Use TriBella?

This innovative new treatment is specifically designed for people who want to erase the aging process and return to the healthy, smooth skin of youth. It can also help with a variety of other skin imperfections and issues.

Look Younger

This facial therapy is a wonderful choice for people who want to look younger and more beautiful. This treatment can reduce many signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. It may also improve loose skin and stretch marks. This treatment will refresh and smooth your skin, making you look younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Fix Sun Damage

If you’ve spent too much time in the sun, you’re in luck! You don’t have to spend the rest of your life living with the signs of sun damage. This treatment is a great way to address the negative effects that are associated with spending time in the sun. It also can improve dark spots, wrinkles, and other signs of sun damage.

Other Benefits

This facial therapy is also a wonderful option for people who want to address discoloration, scarring, rosacea, and enlarged pores.

Talk to the Experts

The professionals at Refresh Evolution have extensive experience using this innovative treatment to address and improve a variety of skin challenges. During your initial consultation, we will examine your skin and discuss your desired goals and improvements. We will advise you about whether this method is an effective way to achieve your skincare goals.

Is This Treatment Available for Everyone?

Although a wide variety of people can enjoy the positive effects of this treatment, people who have certain skin conditions or other health issues may not be suitable candidates for TriBella.

Achieving a Youthful Look

This three-in-one therapy is a wonderful option for people who wish to reduce the effects of skin damage and aging. This treatment can help people who have uneven complexions and skin textures. It can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

People who are experiencing these issues are often thrilled by the improvements in their skin and overall appearance.

Not for Everyone

Although this is a wonderful treatment for many people, it is not designed for everyone. People who have skin conditions that are affected by light or heat may need to consider other treatment options. People who have skin disorders or implants in their skin also may not be suitable candidates for this therapy. Further, this treatment may not be right for people who have very tanned skin.

We Can Help

During your initial consultation, we will examine your skin and discuss your medical history. We will use this information to determine whether this treatment is right for you. If not, we’ll recommend other options for you. Whatever the result, you will leave your consultation feeling confident and happy about your treatment options.

How Does the Three-in-One Facial Therapy Work?

This innovative therapy uses a three-in-one system to smooth, refresh, and rejuvenate your skin. This sophisticated, multi-pronged system targets the negative signs of skin damage and aging from multiple angles.

The Venus Versa Device

This facial therapy uses the exclusive Venus Versa device to fight the effects of aging and skin damage. The Venus Versa is an FDA-approved device that uses three applicators to provide you with a complete facial renewal treatment. Each applicator provides a unique treatment. These treatments work together to give you healthy, youthful-looking skin.

The Skin Resurfacing Applicator

The skin resurfacing applicator will smooth and strengthen your skin. This applicator uses a unique technology to combat the decreased production of elastin and collagen that people experience as they get older. During this step, small electrode pins will send energy into your skin. This energy causes your skin to form micro-dermal injuries.

You don’t have to feel nervous during this progress. These injuries are tiny, and they will not harm you. Rather, the tiny injuries combat the aging process by encouraging your body to produce more elastin and collagen. The increased production of these proteins will make your skin look younger and stronger.

The Anti-Aging Applicator

The anti-aging applicator uses a heating treatment to further improve your skin. This applicator uses targeted energy to heat the areas underneath the upper levels of your skin. This heat will enhance your blood flow and improve the movement of your collagen and elastin.

This increased movement allows your elastin and collagen to better renew and refresh your skin. This process will improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also firms your skin.

The Photofacial Applicator

The final applicator is specifically designed to even your skin’s tone and reduce the effects of sun damage. This applicator applies intense pulse light, or IPL, to your skin.

The IPL addresses sunspots, rosacea, and spider veins. The IPL erases sun damage by effecting the darker pigments in your sunspots. It also attacks the hemoglobin in your spider veins and rosacea. Once these cells are eliminated, your body will make new, younger skin.

What Will My Treatment Be Like?

This three-in-one facial therapy is a safe, non-invasive way to improve your look. You don’t have to visit the hospital or endure a complex procedure to receive the benefits of this treatment. Rather, you will have three relaxing treatment sessions.

Before Your Treatment

Preparing for your treatment is easy. You should avoid tanning and self-tanning products for a few days before your treatment session. You also shouldn’t use creams or other skincare products that could irritate your skin.

On the day of your session, you should avoid applying any lotions or makeup products to your skin. We will provide more instructions about how to prepare for your session.

Your Session

There’s no need to be nervous before your treatment. This three-in-one therapy is easy and non-invasive. You can relax as you receive the three facial treatments from the Venus Versa device. The treatments feel comfortable and warm. You can relax as the three-in-one process works to rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

After Your Session

You should plan on a brief period of downtime after you receive your treatment. Many people need three to five days to recover. This short period will give your skin time to rejuvenate and heal.

Aftercare Rules

You can help your skin achieve optimal results by avoiding certain activities during this recovery time. It is important that you stay out of the sun after receiving your treatment.

You also should avoid massages and cosmetic treatments that affect your skin for several days. Finally, you shouldn’t use steam rooms or take hot baths during this time. The professionals at Refresh Evolution can provide more details about how you can protect your skin after your treatment session.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need to Achieve Good Results?

Everyone’s skin is different. We will develop a treatment plan that is tailored just for you. That said, we always suggest that people book three treatment sessions to get the best results.

You should wait about four to five weeks between each treatment session to give your skin time to process the rejuvenating effects of facial therapy. Once you have entered the maintenance period, you can preserve your smooth, youthful-looking skin with twice-yearly treatment sessions.

Does the Treatment Take a Long Time?

Fortunately, you don’t have to schedule a huge block of time to receive your treatment. TriBella is a quick, easy way to improve your skin. Most people schedule three initial treatment sessions. Each of these sessions will usually last for an hour and thirty minutes.

TriBella lasts longer than some facial therapies because you are receiving three different treatments during a single session. This process allows the three treatment modalities to work together to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

Can I Wear Makeup After I Receive My Treatment?

You’ll want to avoid applying makeup for a few days after you receive your treatment. During this time, you should only use skincare products that your treatment provider has approved.

The professionals at Refresh Evolution can advise you about when you can resume using makeup and other skincare products after your treatment. We can also advise you about how to further protect your skin by incorporating sun protection into your skincare and makeup routine.

Is This Treatment Safe?

TriBella is a tested way to achieve a more youthful appearance in a safe, comfortable manner. This treatment has been used by people around the world who wish to smooth and improve their skin.

At Refresh Evolution, we have extensive experience using this treatment method to help people enhance and renew their skin. We can address your questions and concerns during your initial consultation. You’ll begin your treatment session feeling relaxed and confident about your decision to receive this fantastic facial therapy.

How Long Will It Take for Me to See Results?

You don’t have to wait for years to notice the healing power of this wonderful treatment. You will notice positive changes in your skin as soon as a week after your therapy session.

That said, the full effects usually appear about three months after you have received your final treatment session. This is because it takes your body a little time to transform your skin. Avoiding the sun and following your treatment provider’s advice during this time can help your skin heal and allow you to experience the full effect of this treatment.

Are the Results Long-Lasting?

This treatment is a great option for busy people who don’t have time to get regular facial therapies. It’s also perfect for value-conscious people who want a treatment that will give them enduring results that really make a difference in how they look and feel.

Although individual results vary, many people notice that the rejuvenation effects of the treatment last for months. Adopting a skincare routine and avoiding the sun may help you enhance and preserve your smoother, healthier skin.

Renew Your Look Today

The negative effects of aging and sun exposure don’t have to be permanent. You can achieve glowing, youthful skin with TriBella. Contact the professionals at Refresh Evolution in Pitt Meadows, BC today to discuss your skin goals and learn more about how this amazing treatment can help you achieve a new look.