Skin Tightening

Have you noticed your skin beginning to lose youthful volume over the years? Are you unsatisfied with fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss within your skin? As we age, our skin continues to lose hydrating properties that keep our skin looking youthful and smooth.

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What is Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening has been rated the #1 aesthetic treatment by many of the leading consumer drive cosmetic sites, including and American Health & Beauty. It has become the preferred treatment amongst celebrities and patients worldwide. This specialized system utilizes (MP)2 technology, to deliver multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields to the skin in order to produce a dense and uniform heat matrix. In response, collagen synthesis and contraction, fibroblast proliferation, neovascularity, and lipolysis are activated. This is effective at causing loose tissue to contract and tighten. The result will be tighter skin, softening of wrinkles, plumper, fuller, more youthful appearance, reduced cellulite, and more contoured silhouette. The system is suitable for treating many areas of the body including the face, neck, and entire body.

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  • More collagen
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Naturally younger-looking skin
  • All-over body benefits
  • Safe and painless
  • No downtime

At Refresh Evolution we want to help each one of our patients to look and feel their best at any age. If you are searching for a non-invasive and effective treatment for reclaiming firmer, more youthful-looking skin, revolutionary Skin Tightening treatments could benefit you.


During an initial consultation, a personalized plan for treatment is created that is tailored to you and your specific needs. The process causes minimal discomfort as the energy is delivered beneath the subsurface of skin. The treatments are very safe, in fact Radiofrequency and Magnetic Pulses has been used in medicine for many years and are proven to be safe and effective technologies. 

The time to treat one area takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Since Skin Tightening is so non-invasive, you could do a treatment at lunch and return to work right away! 

You can begin to notice visible improvements in your skin after just one treatment. The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient, but typically, 6 treatments for the face and 6-8 for the neck and body are recommended. With this quick and effective remedy, you can reclaim a youthful and rejuvenated complexion.

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