Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment

We use the Dermalase IPL to safely deliver medical grade treatments. We do this by sending light and heat into the nail, subsequently killing the virus causing the fungal infection. Our IPL fungal nail sessions are virtually pain-free, depending on your individual sensitivity. The nails are cleaned and filed flat. A cooling IPL Gel is applied in order to protect the nail and surrounding skin. IPL light is given. This may be uncomfortable but not painful.  If you find it too uncomfortable we will ice the area to avoid any discomfort.  Following the treatment it is advisable to have your shoes sterilized and also purchase a supply of new socks – enough to change into a freshly laundered pair at least once every day. You need to be sure you keep your feet dry and sanitized between cleansing (bathing or showering) especially if you suffer from excessive sweating of the feet.  Your damaged nail will grow out leaving a new healthy nail in around nine to 12 months.  You should see the damaged nail reducing as this happens.

We can safely treat all skin types for fungal nails. It is advisable for your nail to have been tested by your G.P. to ensure that the growth is fungal. You will need a minimum of 8 to 10 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart.  After your 8 to 10 sessions you will need to re test the nail to see if the fungus has been killed. Please come and see us for your free consultation.  At your consultation we will explain how everything works, what it means for you, the treatment protocol and discuss pricing.  Once we have determined that there are no contraindications relating to your treatment we can usually start right away. IPL fungal nail treatments are a fairly simple procedure.

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