Celebrities always seem to be featured in the news to show off their results from the latest cosmetic treatment. In the past, the most popular cosmetic treatments involved injections. Numerous individuals have been searching for a way to fight the aging process with a treatment not reliant on injections. The ideal solution for the majority of these individuals is called Venus Freeze. This breakthrough treatment is a non-invasive procedure for contouring and tightening the skin. In addition to providing excellent results for aging skin, younger individuals are having the treatment for last-minute improvements before a big event or engagement. The skin tightening procedure provides your skin with heat in order to create new collagen. This results in more youthful and plumper skin.

The treatment is backed with revolutionary technology, providing you with a non-invasive procedure to tighten your skin, decrease cellulite, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and help with other issues. The handpiece uses a pulsed magnetic field and radio frequency for the creation of a unique process capable of penetrating safely, comfortably, quickly and deeply into your skin. It is important to note this technology has been approved by the FDA. One of the biggest differences between this procedure and the other machines and lasers is all laser components and lights have been eliminated. This means you can have this treatment no matter what type of skin you have. All you need to do during the procedure is relax and enjoy the warmth of the sensation on your skin.

The release of growth factors is triggered by the magnetic pulse component. Growth factors are necessary for the growth of dermal fibroblasts and new blood vessels. At the same time, elastin and collagen synthesis are created by the controlled thermal damage to your skin. This is what triggers your body’s repair mechanism for both enzyme-mediated lipolysis and your skin tissue. This results in a noticeable improvement in the elasticity and tightness of your skin, an improvement in your blood circulation and the stabilization of your strands of collagen. You will notice overall tighter and firmer skin and a reduction in cellulite.

The procedure is performed in a series of treatments. Six to eight treatments are generally required for optimal results. This is dependent on whether you are having your body or face treated. Once you have completed your initial treatment series, you can maintain your results for the long-term with a maintenance program. Several different areas of your body can be treated due to the different sizes of the two treatment heads. The procedure for you neck and face requires less than one hour. The targeted points of heat will be maintained during your entire session. The areas of the body most often treated include the front and back of the thighs, the buttocks and the hips. Your waist, abdomen and arms can also be treated effectively.

The majority of individuals choose to have one or two of the larger areas of their body treated. The procedure is effective all by itself, or it can be enhanced even further with another treatment to target the deeper adipose and fat tissue. The treatment offers a lot of benefits including:

• The treatment is clinically proven and cleared by the FDA.
• The procedure is non-invasive and safe.
• The procedure is fast and the results are visible.
• No discomfort has been reported during or after the treatment.
• There is no downtime.
• The technology is the leader in the market.
• There are no adverse side effects.
• There is an improvement in the texture of your skin after just one treatment.
• The Venus Freeze system is used by aesthetic professionals all over the world.
• The improvement in skin texture after one session is as high as eighty percent.
• The procedure is not uncomfortable.
• The contraction of collagen fibers provides an immediate tightened and firmed look.

This procedure is trusted by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical professionals across the globe. (MP)2 technology powers the system with a combination of pulsed electro magnetic fields (P.E.M.F.) and multi-polar radio frequency. This creates a uniform heat for every layer of your skin. The treatment has been shown to be effective for improving loose skin or skin laxity and softening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as soon as right after completion of the first procedure. After the treatment, numerous individuals have reported visible results including a smoother and firmer appearance to their skin.

The Specifics of the Venus Freeze Treatment

Prior to beginning your series of treatments, measurements and photographs will be taken for comparison later. Before you agree to the treatment, you need to ask any questions you may have. During each session, a special gel will be applied by the cosmetic professional to the areas being treated. This enables the device to glide across the targeted areas. You skin is deeply penetrated and heated by the radio frequency energy. A heat device will be used during your treatment to take specific temperatures. This makes certain the correct temperature is reached and maintained for all of the areas being targeted for the right amount of time. As the device is moved across your skin, you are going to feel a sensation of heat concentrated on the areas being treated.

You will experience a little heat and a feeling of warmth in the targeted areas once you have completed your procedure. There is no real discomfort to contend with. There is absolutely no downtime after your treatment. Once your session has concluded, you are free to go back to work or resume your usual daily activities. It is important to keep your expectations for the procedure realistic. You will receive the best results if you are exercising on a regular basis and consuming a balanced and healthy diet. This treatment is not meant to be used as a way to lose weight. You will experience the best results after multiple sessions. After each treatment, you should continue to see improvements. You will need to adhere to a maintenance program because the results are long-lasting but not permanent.

The most common results include an overall tightening of the skin, a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines and a reduction in cellulite. The Venus Freeze system is able to tighten your complexion by increasing your production of elastin and collagen and improving your blood flow. Once the structure of your skin has been remodeled, you will see a firmer and smoother complexion that will remind you of the way your skin looked when you were younger. The treatment can also reduce the size of your pores so they become less obvious. A series of these skin tightening treatments will provide you with firmer, tighter and smoother skin. The procedure will improve your appearance in numerous ways including:

• Helping to eliminate droopy, sagging and loose skin
• Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles
• Decreasing the visibility of deep creases

The treatment does not require any discomfort, surgery or downtime. The procedure helps eliminate facial wrinkles and fine lines, a sagging chin or neck, loose skin on your arms, lumpy thighs or buttocks and crepey skin on your elbows or knees. The treatment is also an excellent option after having a baby or after liposuction. This is a non-surgical solution for tightening the skin on your neck and face and reducing cellulite anywhere on your body. The treatment is much more affordable than invasive procedures, extremely effective and safe. Not only does the procedure feel good, but the results are excellent as well.

The Basic Facts Regarding Venus Freeze

Nearly anyone with a specific area on their body they are not happy with is a candidate for this treatment. If you want to achieve a minimal to moderate tightening of your skin, you should receive excellent results from your sessions. If you have a lot of sagging skin or extremely large or loose areas of skin, you may require additional treatments to achieve your desired results. The majority of cosmetic professionals offer an initial consultation to discuss your needs and expectations. During this time, your medical history will be reviewed, the targeted areas evaluated and your aesthetic goals discusses to make certain this is the best possible procedure for you.

It is important to note Venus Freeze is not appropriate for pregnant women or individuals with metal implants such as cardiac pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. If the individual has specific health conditions, they must consult with a physician prior to having this treatment. The results vary from person to person due to their physical attributes, personal goals, lifestyle, health and the condition of their skin. This will have an impact on the length of time necessary to see results. A lot of individuals notice a small tightening effect or slight improvements after just one session. The results only improve with more treatments.

In most instances, multiple sessions are necessary to begin seeing obvious results. Your results will continue to show a gradual improvement after every session. Once you have completed the entire treatment series, you should see a decrease in cellulite, a fuller, plumper and younger-looking body, softer fine lines and wrinkles and tighter skin. To achieve lasting results, you will most likely need to complete roughly six to eight sessions. The treatment is effective due to the combination of pulsed electro-magnetic fields and multi-polar radio frequency. These fields create a therapeutic and dense matrix in every layer of your skin.

The skin tightening treatment triggers your body’s natural production of new elastin and collagen fibers and your healing response. When enough heat is applied to the collagen fibers in your skin, the fibers instantly contract. This tightens your skin. You may notice the effect right after your first procedure. The additional benefits of the pulsed magnetic fields include increasing the blood, nutrients and oxygen to your skin. This results in an immediate glow that will last. The bottom line is the application and combination of the two technologies trigger a contraction of your existing collagen to generate additional fibroblasts, tighten your skin, form new blood vessels in your tissue, create more collagen and perform other beneficial tasks.

This is a nice change from numerous skin tightening procedures that are often extremely invasive or require anesthesia. A lot of people have stated the procedure felt similar to a hot stone massage. Some individuals even admitted they fell asleep during their session. The process is simple. The settings for your treatment are adjusted correctly by a cosmetic professional prior to your session.

The time required for your session is dependent on the treatment areas. As soon as your procedure has been completed, you can immediately return to whatever you had planned for the day. After your procedure, you can even apply your regular cosmetics and skin care products.

Leading a healthier lifestyle and completing all of your treatments will help you receive and maintain your optimal results. After you have completed the last session of your initial series, a maintenance treatment is recommended as needed. This will depend on your specific goals. A personalized treatment plan will be established during your initial consultation. Magnetic pulses and radio frequency are both safe and proven technologies that have been used effectively for numerous years.

Clinical trials have provided excellent documentation showing the effect of magnetic pulses on bone and wound healing is positive. The FDA approved the creation of new collagen production and small blood vessels as an effective and safe technology for medical applications. This technology is an important part of the Venus Freeze system for a dramatic improvement of your skin by triggering the creation of new collagen production and blood vessels. The treatment is performed by professionally trained and skilled cosmetic professionals.

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